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Good day ya bastards! I'm Monokuma, your wonderfully adorable headmaster! Putting all that crap aside, let's get some mutual killing on the road...~

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Hey guys

it’s almost halloween

people should totally tell me if they want to cosplay DR Lab AU

that would be hella

((i get the vaaaaague feeling that the lab au does not have a happy ending for the experiments.))
Anonymous said—

You’re right tbh

nobody gets out at all

la  ug h s

Wow, you are alive!!! Yay!!!!

that my friend

i am

seeing your tag again and you’re going through and its just people saying like ‘wow they’re such a cool rper’ and iM JUST HAVIN GA LOT OF NOSTALGIA HERE…

Thank you guys, seriously, for people sticking around even if I’m not around and thank you for liking my stuff and just ghfgjfgh

Everything??? I guess??

Look, even the little shits come to thank you guys-

you know, if anybody has actually cosplayed my lab au, i really want to see it vuv

uhuh, I bet you guys look awesome if you have!

//sneaks in here. I just wanted to let you know that a few people are just now finding the au and its gaining excitement again
fishyfiends said—

holy crap- seriously!?

I’m really glad people still enjoy it like wOW

it’s been like almost a yeAR….

Oh goodess thank you for keeping the lab au information up it has been very helpful. I'm glad that it looks like maybe other people are interested in it again too! I love this au and it makes me really sad that it died out but hopefully it can make a comeback
electricoowada said—

yeah, the lab au info page is still up vuv

and im really happy people are still into it omg…

Hi~ I really want to cosplay as Wind up Sayaka (if thats okay of course) Could you tell me the bottom of her design looks like?
Anonymous said—

oh yeah, i think i have a ref somewhere…

there you are!

stares into the distance

what if I started roleplaying monokuma again